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Firm Profile

FAL-CON Steuerberatungsgesellschaft m.b.H.

FALCON Group was launched in 2002 with the establishment of FAL-CON Steuerberatungsgesellschaft m.b.H. in Vienna. The group now has business units in Slovakia (Bratislava) and the Czech Republic (Prague) which are both members of the TGS Global network. FALCON Group is also a shareholder in Audit Network Hungary, TGS Global’s member firm in Hungary. The group offers a complete range of services including accounting services, domestic and international tax consulting, audit and payroll.

The driving force behind establishing FALCON was particularly the idea that medium-scale enterprises like expanding family businesses, small and medium-scale subsidiaries of groups, real estate companies and property funds need comprehensive support in the field of auditing, tax consultancy, accounting and international tax accountancy. In particular, consulting services delivered in neighbouring countries must meet the level of quality demanded by clients and there is consequently a strong demand for FALCON’s services which demonstrate our capabilities in assignments requiring a high level of competence in EEC and international matters.

Alongside the principal service lines, FALCON offers specialist services for leasing businesses, investors in closed-end property funds and ERP systems consultancy.

Contact us

Dr. Zoltán Gálffy
E: Zoltan.Galffy@fal-con.eu
W: www.fal-con.eu


Wollzeile 1-3, Stiege 3, 3.2 A - 1010 Vienna
T: +43 1 5037447-0


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