International Desk

Reflecting China’s growth and status as a strategic business partner, TGS has established a European China Desk to provide valuable practical advice to clients interested in developing their activities in that region. The China desk also advises our Chinese clients about investing in the European market.

Drawing on the extensive-knowledge of the Chinese market’s specific challenges and local regulations possessed by our member firms in the Greater China Region (Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan), back by expertise from our European member firms in Europe, the China Desk team supports clients with matters relating to international service standards.

Fluent in Chinese, the team provides coordinated expertise across a broad spectrum of tax,
corporate finance, auditing and business advisory services.

From Accounting, Tax and Legal advice to merger & acquisition needs, our China Desk is on hand to offer a pragmatic, operationally-focused business approach tailored to our clients’ circumstances.

Our strengths:

  • Local Member firms in the Greater China Region (Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan) with more than 15 years experience, willing to assist your business development in the region
  • A Chinese-speaking European team as your single point of contact to support your project development


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